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Sen & Marred


Monday, 10.06.2019


Dokomi is just over; and while we're still a little exhausted, we're happy about how the weekend went!


As some of you surely noticed, the site gathered a bit of dust, and the sunday updates didn't happen.

We're both sorry for that as we know that one or another really looked forward to it.

But: The project isn't dead, nor do we plan to end it, or let it wither away sometime soon!!

Currently we're working on the next page, but we can't tell yet when it will be uploaded, or if we can maintain and guarantee continuity.

This is due to several factors, one of them being Sen's Stickershop, which requires quite a bit.

If you got a thing for cute and functional stickers for Bullet Journals and other Types of Planners, this is your place to go! You'll also find links to her other shops there.

We're usually taking a small inventory of single stickers and sheets with us to conventions, so please drop by!


Anyway, we're hoping that you'll be with us in future as well!

Lots of love, and get healthy through this year's summer <3


Sen & Marred


Planned Updates this week:

New Artworks, Guest Arts and Fanart within the gallery

Updating Shoplinks & Spotlights

Updating Convention Calendar

Sunday, 21.01.2018


So much for 'more constant' updates, haha... I'm really sorry guys >.<

Marred speaking!
As you might've noticed already, the webcomic is back on track and updating weekly.

Starting today, the weekly update will happen on Sunday instead of Monday. Partially because we're planning something big for this year's May; you might have an inkling what that will be!
Correct! A printed issue! Further infos regarding this will be published in February, so stay tuned!

There's one thing I can say for sure - there will be tempting offers for those who preorder, and... I'll tell too much beforehand, so let's keep it short - Details in February ;)

There's also new items in Sen's shop (back from the winter break), so treat yo'self!



Marred (and Sen, of course!)

Sunday, 05.06.2017


Dokomi is over - We're so happy that so many of you visited us at booth 290 to shop or just chat! It was great to hear personal feedback and to get in touch with you guys personally :) Thank you so much for your patience since we aren't able to keep every update due to fulltime jobs and pre-con-crunch, but I've got some good news as well!

Sen launched a special raffle containing sketch originals, aceo originals, and aceo prints!
Get your chance at some sweet loot on Facebook (or Twitter)!

Additionally, Sen just launched a huge Sale on her tictail store where you can save up to 75% of the regular prices for ACEO prints, Prints and Posters!

We've also added some new items to the shop!

Marred & Sen


The Art & Sketchbook

Recently Added


A6-Print - Edren 'Starry Blue'

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Monday, 27.03.2017


The next page is online. :)

Also, the artbook is now available for regular purchase in the shop. Check it out! ♥


Sen & Marred

Friday, 17.02.17


From now on until 05.03 you can preorder our W3 Sketch & Artbook!

You can find it here in the shop:



There are 3 different packages that you can choose from, you can see more about them in the respective offers.

We really really appreciate every preorder, and if you decide to order one and thus support us with printing the books. ♥


Sen & Marred

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Monday, 30.01.17


The monday update is live with a new page.


This sunday, on the 05.02. we'll attend Chizuru, it's free, so come by and visit us if you're in the area! ♥

You can find all conventions we'll attend on the convention-plan.


Sen & Marred

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Monday, 23.01.17


The monday update is live with a new page.


Also, we're happy to say that we'll be at Dokomi this year. We're really looking forward to see you there! ♥

You can find all conventions we'll attend on the convention-plan.


Sen & Marred

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Sunday, 15.01.17

A big and merry welcome to our grand opening!

We're going to cut through the virtual lace today and disclose to you what we've been planning for almost the whole last year - our conjoined webcomic! (bottled champagne! WOHOO!)

You'll like what you see, at least we do hope that and we're exciteeed! So~

Page Updates are scheduled for mondays so far.
We're sorry that we currently can't promise that there will be a new page every week due to commitments in terms of life and work on both sides.
But we'll try our best to keep you covered with regular updates!!

 Now, we'll lean back and you can go explore to your hearts content :3

Sen & Marred

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