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Date of Birth: 12.02.84

From: Steinfurt, NRW, Germany


Illustrator / Comic Artist


Function: Main Artist, Story


Medium: Clip Studio Paint EX, Huion GT-220,

                 various traditional media


♥: Drawing, Reading,  Video Games, Cats


I've been going to conventions for 15 years, 11 of those as an artist, first for a small publishing house and later as a self publisher.


Until now I mainly did single illustrations and merchandise like posters, postcards, etc, and most know me for doing artist trading cards.


Previous Published Works: (self published)

- Memories of Eden (Short story) 2014

- Omega 7even (Volume I) 2015


Genres: Fantasy, Gay Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama




Date of Birth: 06.02
From: Heidelberg, germany

Garment Maker, Modelmaker, Amateur Artist

Function: Story, Backgrounds, techn. Shizzle, Backstage-Warlock, Spellchecker

Media: Clip Studio Paint Pro, Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos, var. trad. Media

Luv dis: Games, Drawing, Cos-Crafting, Felines, Matcha & Chill

As for me: I'm a certified garment maker since 2009, Modelmaker since 2011 and I've been crafting cosplay costumes way before that time, and still do. I'm drawing since I can hold a pen properly, but I just began drawing properly again in the beginning of 2016; with a long hiatus before.
I do offer some of my own works, but I'm mostly on conventions as Sen's assistant and thus mainly to be spotted at the booth. I didn't pinpoint my style or genre yet, but it looks like it's ranging from manga (biseinen) to semirealism, through the genres of m/m-romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and some horror/gore.
I'm pleased to see you here! ÖuÖ/)