Selise Ren


Born: 2170 AD

Age: Thirteen and older

Height: (as an adult) 1.67m

Build: slender

Hair: red, curly, mostly long

Eyes: green

Profession: student, botanist

Love interest: Naris Aleth



Uncle: Cyras Ren

Father: Alric Ren

Mother: Elissa Ren

Selise is a mostly carefree and sweet girl. She has a lot of friends and is liked by most, and later many tend to take her open nature for naivety, somtehing she grows up to use to her advantage. Sharp wits and sharper tongue are her biggest weapons as a teenage girl.


With her parents fighting a lot, she often flees home to stay with her beloved uncle Cyras, whom she sees as an elder brother more than an uncle, a term that falls more to Edren upon getting closer to him.